Monday, August 6, 2012

Ozarkian Santa Carrie's Toys, Wreath, Cane and Wears a Red Hat

Ozarkian Santa Carrie's Toys, Wreath, Cane and Wears a Red Hat

August 06, 2012

Hello! Today here in Virginia we are getting some much needed rain, the temperature has dropped and now the cool air feels so good.

Don't you think that the time seems to pass us by so quickly? Here summer vacation is over, school started this week and August brings thoughts of fall.    

Don't you think with all of the hustle and bustle of getting every thing that we must accomplish each day the Holidays sneak up on us before we know what has happened?

I know many people take advantage of special sales to do their Holiday shopping, I know I do. Shopping online saves me so much time and it has become so convenient for me that except for some very special items it is the best way to go.

There are some things that you can only buy from special suppliers…Say for instance, for any one who takes the time to drink in their surroundings, knows how much the little things matter. 

A a fragrance that you love, your favorite place on the couch, a picture of the kids on the book shelf that you stop to melt over and when you’re dusting or lighting the candles or watching TV.

But little things do matter! Something that you may think of as a luxury would be a beautiful piece of art that would last a life time and would bring much pleasure to you or for a gift for some one that you love.

Several years ago I made a line of figurine Santa Claus's and I sold them on line, (if you put my name in Google you may still fine places where I sold the Santa's figurines.)

I did have 6 Santa figurines left but one sold and now I have 5 and they are now for sale here on Etsy...Yes little things do matter!

This is an Ozarkian Villager Santa, he carries toys in a bag, he holds a green wreath and wears a Red Hat
Gloves are Black
His Gown is Yellow Ocher and wears a deep Red Coat with white fur trim.
He has been finished wit a deep coat of Burnt Umber to give him and antiqued finish. 
From tip of hat to his bottom he measures 13 inches
From side to side across bottom he measures 8 inches
He has an information tag hanging from the green wreath.
My signature is on his bottom and he was made in 1993.

His name is Villager

He has been sculpted from Celuclay and is very strong and sturdy.
He has been painted with the best acrylic paint that I can buy.

To dust him just use a soft cloth, BUT PLEASE do not wash him with water if you take care of him he will last forever.

I don't' think of my Santa figurines as being toys, he will always increase in value

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I will see you again soon,

Dessie Durham, Artist