Monday, February 4, 2013

Black and White Abstract

Hello! I hope you are having a great day.

My Blog is about mine and your art subjects. I sell my art prints on line and I hope that I may be able to offer you links to help you with problems that you may have.  If I can answer question please don't
hesitate to ask!

It is my wish that this blog will bring people together and we will be able to communicate with each other as we paint with our dreams, memories, history and myths and we will search out answers to some expert tips, videos and tutorials to help us along the way.

This is my invitation to you:
If you are an artist, a collector of art or just like art I am inviting you to follow my Eclectic Oil and Acrylic Still Life Art Work, Blog, so that we can both form a win/win relationship that we can both benefit from. It is my hope that if you are an artist you may find helpful information here! I too, will always be seeking ways to improve on the art that I do and hope you will enjoy following me on Dessie's Eclectic Oil and Acrylic Still Life Works of Art:
I would really like it if you comment and add your own thoughts to my blog
I hope you enjoyed viewed my art work and can be purchased here in my Etsy Shop website here: ,and also here on my blog.

Here is an informative link that you may like:

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I will see you again soon.
Dessie Durham ~ Artist



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