Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Grapefruit: What Color are Shadows

Pink Grapefruit: What Color are Shadows

 Hello!  I guess everyone has days when nothing goes right; today I‘m having one of those days, painting shadows are something that just tears me up. 
I have been frustrated with trying to paint shadows in this pink grapefruit and I’m never sure about how they bend when they are reflected on a wall and if the values are right.

If you are having problems with painting shadows or want to know more about how to paint shadows here is a link that may help you, the “Old Masters” knows best!

If you are just starting to draw or create art, please COMMENT on this blog and tell me your story…add your 2 cents worth, (:>) If I can answer questions I will do my best to answer. : >0). I may have a link to information that you cold use.

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  1. I don't know if that was a question. But the shadow is a darker value of the same color.I had that problenm when I started doing art in color 4 years ago.So if the wall is orange you need like maroon for the shadow. i am not sure of the name but a darker orange.

  2. Thank you Elena, I thanks for your suggestion, I made some changes and I am happier with the image. Dessie