Thursday, May 24, 2012

Purple Egg Plant

May 24, 2012

Do you like Fried Eggplant? I love them, I hope you enjoy my painting…Here is one of our Eggplants from last summer.

Hello!  I hope you are well today; it is raining today here in Virginia just the right amount to make our gardens grow…

Debra has a five by six foot raised garden where she grows some really nice vegetables and it has a ring of strawberries around the inside edge, over on one end she grows herbs.

Around by my kitchen door I grow cilantro, dill and a tomato plant, it is great fun picking cilantro even when there is snow on the grown, In April the cilantro starts blooming and the seeds will fall to the ground and will soon sprout and start growing new plants again. 

On the other side of my kitchen door a huge concord purple grape vine grows and this summer we have delicious concord grapes to eat.

In among the grape vines are some Polk plants have been growing and I love to cut the tops off of the plants and cook them in some fresh spinach. The Polk
plants have beautiful deep purple berries that the birds love to eat. Talk about free food!  Haa! Haa!

In the depression days, food was hard to come by.  There were Polk plants scattered over the fields and people would cut the tops from the plants and take a loaded wagon full of Polk to the canning factory.  I was sixteen when I work there.  But that is a whole different story about those days!                                                                            

Elvis Presley sang about Polk Salad Annie

Here is an enjoyable link that you might enjoy reading about "polk-salad-wild-growing-perennial"

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I hope you enjoy viewing my art work, it can be purchased here: This is a print of my Egg Plant painting, the size is 8.000 x 4.875 inches .

Thank you and I will see you again soon! 

Dessie H. Durham, Artist

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