Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ruby Throat-ed Humming Bird

May 10, 2012 

Hello, I hope you are doing well today. 

A few days ago we had a small tornado. My daughter and I were looking out through the back door glass window.  It was early evening and the wind was really blowing, the rain was sweeping across the ground in heavy sheets of water.

We had not heard any tornado warnings, so she went back up stairs, and in the upstairs of our house you can really hear the noise of what is happening out side. The cats were running to find a secure place to hide.

I walked back in my living room and looked out of the window and things were flying across the yard.  I yelled tornado and she was right behind me and said I’m right here.  We ran into the bathroom and waited a few minutes, and then we ventured out.

Well, we were pretty shook up. It dipped down into our back yard; it first took our garbage can, some shingles from the roof, damaged our out door shed out back and took some trees out of our back yard.  My next door neighbor’s house took more damage and it blew a few trees down in four other yards.

So this brings me to my humming birds.
The humming feeders are on our back deck so, after dinner we sit out on our  deck and watch the humming birds feed.

There is a small forest behind our house and she turned it into a sanctuary for the birds and small animals. Sadly the tree next to our house was taken down,  and it had some bare limbs that the humming birds roosted on.

But now the humming birds have found a different tree and now every thing is well and good, we just can’t see them until they come up to feed.  We were lucky that we were so blessed and that the damage was not worse, I have to thank God for that favor.

This painting is 6 X 8 inches.
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Dessie H. Durham, Artist

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