Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weathering the Storms

Weathering the Storms!

Hello!  I hope your day is going well. This is a beautiful 4th of July day here in Virginia,
but very hot with a huge amount of high humidity.

I guess heat and humidity are not the only things that we have to complain about here on the East Coast, so many people are still suffering from the lack of power and the damage from the storms.

 Do you believe that there is a more constructive way for people to protect them selves from the destructive elements of the weather? What do you think? Please comment.

I am one of the more fortunate ones because our home was built in a neighbor hood of homes where the electric wires were buried under the ground. Sure we lost trees and there was damage to some of the homes, but we had electric power.

Sure, it takes lots of money to bury the electric wires under the ground, but most builders are now doing this as they build new homes…

The cost of repairing the damage will never stop because the storms will continue forever and ever, and it will happen again and again and the misery of the people will continue on and on!

There must be some one with enough smart pills to figure out how to come up with enough money to protect us from the loss of our power.  What do you think, where are they?

Sure, we the people are already paying enough taxes, but it seems to me that a small tax  would act as an insurance policy to get who ever is in charge of burying the electric lines under grown and to act on something like this.

PLEASE COMMENT: tell me what you think; this will be shared by every one that reads my blog.

I thought the snow on this Christmas card might make you smile. 

I will see you again soon.

Dessie H. Durham, Artist

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