Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Fishin' Buddy Card

We are having a beautiful day here in Virginia. I hope your day is beautiful too.

To day I thought I would publish one of my greeting cards.

In our neighborhood the parents of our neighborhood kids take their kids fishing in the small river that is near by.

I remember when I went fishing one time and got my line lodged up in a tree limb, this fishing card depicts how I felt then. My point is, stay away from trees when you toss that line, the fish will laugh at you! Ha,Ha.

My greeting cards can be purchased here, and it is much better than firing up the automobile and driving to the store. My cards are made of very heavy stock and they make wonderful miniature pieces of art when framed. Great card for mothers day, fathers day and other occasions. Also you may purchase a card from any painting that I show on in my Websites.

To day I have featured Heather McBloom who has an Etsy shop, you will love her Journals:

Do you have trouble with perspectives in your drawings and paintings? Here is a link you might like:

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I will see you again soon,

Dessie Durham ~Artist




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