Saturday, June 8, 2013

Childrens Calendar Fine Art Print

 Hello!  This has been a beautiful day here in Virginia, the temperature has been perfect and I hope you are doing great.

Well school is out and kids are ever where. I didn't know that there were so many kids in our neighborhood. The family across the street from us have two boys10 and 13, the 13 year old is mowing our lawn, this is his first job. They have a basket ball hoop just at the end of their yard and there must be six or more boys playing together. And girls in the neighborhood , I have lost count.

So what does that have to do with what I am painting, well nothing really, I just thought that since there are so many families in my neighborhood there must be small children around and parents and their friends might like to gift them with a piece of my art work to decorate their room.  

I am particularly proud of the calendar that I created for small children just learning to read. It is filled with character pictures that they will enjoy as well as their abc's, numbers and lots of color... Also, I have other pieces of art work that are good for the children's rooms.  My art work is reproduced into prints and they are reasonably priced. There is a 30 day guarantee on my work, you win and I win, you can't loose.

I hope you enjoy viewing my art work as much as I enjoyed painting it. It may be purchased here:
Featured to day is Cari from Coquette Bath & Home™ in her Etsy shop.

Cari  says, from handcrafted soap, to candles, to perfume, lip balm and more, every single one of my products is produced in small batches to ensure attention to detail and assure you of top quality.

I use primarily vegetable based ingredients. The only 'animal' item used is renewable, and wonderful, beeswax

You may view and purchase Cari's products here:
How do I paint still life objects by foreshortening?

This might help. Click here:

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I will see you again soon,

Dessie H. Durham ~ Artist



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