Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jewelry Storage Safe

Hello! I hope you are doing well, it is raining here in Virginia today.

Jewelry safe: Do you travel? Do you have a safe and reliable place to hide your valuables. You can hide your money in your closet or under your clothes!  I sell a storage safe for small valuable items like money and jewelry that have been become very popular.

Front                                                                                     Back
Jewelry Safe: You not only get a beautiful padded coat hanger, but the safe folds up under the coat hanger and keeps your jewelry or money out of sight. It has clear vinyl pockets for keeping your valuables pieces stored separately and safely...No one will ever know that you have stored your valuables under your clothes! This a great way to keep your valuables like jewelry and money safe when you travel. Or if you need more room for storage you can just not fold it up and you still have your valuables stored safely.

Just roll it up into the coat hanger pocket .
Again this great if you are traveling
.It has Velcro fasteners

Each little decorative (trim) picture may be different on each safe. You may view and purchase the Jewelry Safe here, as well as my Fine Art Prints.
Art tip: This may be of some interest to you:

Colors in my sunset paintings looks dirty, what can I do?
Today's Feature:

I would like to introduce Cynthia, her Etsy shops name is
SudMuffinSoaps. She says, all of our Product are Hand Made with all natural products and are vegan friendly. The Goats Milk Glycerin and Clear Glycerin Soaps are made with Shea Butter and Olive Oil and they moisturize your skin...

This is a very relaxing 4 ounces bar of soap, it has a fresh lavender and musk fragrance. It is a luscious blend of Goats milk glycerin, Shea butter or Olive oil... And it also comes in Clear Glycerin with Shea Butter and Olive Oil, topped with real dried lavender flowers.

 I enjoy making this great fragrance soap, as I bathe it makes me feel like I have escaped to a beautiful garden!

So, take a deep breath, climb into your tub, wash the day away and escape to your own beautiful garden!

We have a great selection of soaps, please visit our store and enjoy our unique soaps!

See our great fragrances here, you will love them!

You may view and purchase here:
 Shop reviews from customers:

Reviewed by Anonymous on August 10th, 2013

Honey Almond Goats Milk Bar Soap.p
      I love the way this makes my skin feel. I use this on my face and the results are smooth tighter skin. Smells wonderful. You have an amazing gift and wonderful product. I will purchase for gifts to my family and friends.
      Reviewed by Anonymous on August 10, 2013

    • Lavenders lushes musk bar

      My New Lavenders Lushes Musk Bar Soap Has a Totally Banging Sensual Lavender Fragrances! :O ) Thank you very much!!!                            

Interview feature: about the Artist Dessie H Durham, written by Heather McBroom:

Interview feature about Dessie H. Durham: Written by Artist Zeana Romanovna from Fine Arts America for featuring  me in my website here:


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