Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eclectic Oil and Acrylics Still Life Art Work

Art Blog, March 15, 2012 my very first blog by Dessie H. Durham, artist always in practice!

In Dessie's Eclectic Oil and Acrylic Still Life Art Work, I share a cup of coffee or tea! 
Hello! I would like to offer a toast to both yours and my good health.

As I sit here and blog with you I would like for us to share our first cup of coffee or perhaps a cup of hot tea. {:>) LOL.

My blog is about art related subjects and I have always painted in a traditional manner, using and easel, canvas, paints, etc, just like most of you do. 

And so that you will know I paint digitally now because I have an allergy to something in the mediums. I miss the smell of turpentine, the smell of the paints and every thing that goes along with the painting process...

Now I paint using a computer with a tablet and a stylus pen, I still use brushes, canvas, all the different paints that I can or would want to use and I love the clean up, all I need to do is click a button and every thing is clean. 

I have been thinking about blogging for sometime now, there are so many things that we can talk about, but where do I start? So I will start with today's date of March 15, 2012 it is 7 a.m., and I will tell my story the way it is!  As most of my visitors start their day with their own routine, so will I. I am retired and I am ninety- three years old. I have pretty much the same ailments as most people do, but with God's help I get up each morning raring to go. (:>)

I live with my daughter, she lives up stairs, and I live downstairs, (that's funny, don't you think?) we always depend on each other to make our lives function as it should. She is my jewel! She has a family of four cats. Willow is a feral and has a short tail; she is the mother of Wookiee. Then there is Wizard he is a Maine Coon and Wedge who is the master when he is at his home, but when he comes down stairs to see me Wizard takes control. Since I am their cat grand-mother their toys are empty plastic bottles, the center tube that my kitchen paper is rolled on, things like that, who needs to spend money for expensive toys.  LOL.  
From time to time we will share more about the cats.

It is my wish that this blog will bring artisans together and we will be able to communicate with each other as we paint with our dreams, memories, history and myths and we will search out answers to some expert tips, videos and tutorials to help us along the way.

This is my invitation to you:
If you are an artist or a collector of art I am inviting you to follow my Blog so that we can both form a win/win relationship that we can both benefit from. It is my hope that if you are an artist you may find helpful information here!  I have helpful links to many problems that I can share with you.   I too, will always be seeking ways to improve on the art that I do and hope you will enjoy following me on Dessie's Blo

I would really like it if you comment and add your own thoughts to my blog. 

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  1. Viewing your art on Fine Art America always amazes me. From day to day I never know what to expect in the variety of your work.

  2. I do appreciate it that you have taken the time to read my blog and thank you for commenting... It pleases me greatly when I read good comments about my work. I post new work regularly, please come back again.