Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My French Pier rot Clown

When I first discovered my French Pier rot Clown.

My home town is well known for its antique shops, flea markets and yard sales.  My daughter is a huge collector of vintage combs used by women of an earlier time, so we decided to spend the afternoon searching for vintage combs and bells…

She found and bought a porcelain bell for me with a picture of a Jester, or so I thought!  I was in total ignorance about the history of a Jester. 

I’m also an artist and I thought the face of this female Jester would make a good reference for a painting, she was very pretty and I liked it. It was just a small female face with billowing puffy things around the neck and wearing a black Jester cap with a little knot at the pointed end, with some unusual hair flowing around her head and holding a rose under her chin...

This will be easy I thought no problem!  I wanted my picture of the Jester to have the feeling of a vignette, shading into the background color at the edges.

But I wasn’t happy with the finished results, so I decided to forget the feeling of the vignette and continued to paint, arranging the back ground so it would look like someone lived here.

In the meantime I was frustrated because the Jester didn’t look like what I thought a Jester should look like. And if you thought this was a Jester than read more!  So I went to Google to do a search and I read about Jesters.

The more I read the more I was sure that this was not a Jester on my porcelain bell.  I read more about the way Pier rots dressed and how they liked those little puffy collars around their necks and how they loved roses. They have beautiful expressive soulful eyes that look like tears are about to stream from them…

And so it was from Google that I learned about my little “Pier rot” character with a French heritage that was painted on my porcelain bell.

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