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How I got Started Painting

Grape Fruit on Table with Spoon


 I started my passion for art when I was in the sixth grade, I, at that time attended a one room school. My teacher gave the sixth graders a contest where she offered a prize of “twenty five cents” for four drawings. Now, remember 25 cents was a lot of money for each drawing. Well, I don’t remember what my subjects were but I won all four prizes. And that was great! Right! Not so great, huh. No one in my class would speak to me (“;) I had won my awards but I was really shook up and deflated. But finally, ---My classmates realized that every thing was okay and things got back to normal. I don’t think my teacher ever had another art contest! But this instilled in me that I had a talent to create art and I shouldn’t forget it. However, that contest left its mark and I didn’t start painting with a passion until I was in my 40s.

How I got started painting… I was in my 40s, I had suffered with an attack of heart failure, since then I have had many attacks in my life time and some times very serious. I was not doing well and I have always suffered with a depression after an attack, so my husband, John, came home one day carrying with him everything that he could think of to help me start painting…easel, oil paints, canvas, brushes, books, etc. At that time I didn't know that John knew that I had wanted to paint with oils for ages

It was my first attempt at painting, standing in front of a totally white canvas, with oil paints, brushes and how-to-do-it books, it was scary. I wish I had videos back then. I really didn't know any thing about how to mix the right combinations of colors, and how I was going to mix all of the different hues of colors using just red, blue and yellow, white and black. Well I soon learned that there was a better way to mix black with out using black from the tube!!! By following the instructions in the how-to-books it soon started to sink in and I was really getting compliments on my work.

Creating my art helped to fight the depression that I was in and I totally loose all sense of time when I’m painting...How about you, do you loose the sense of time when you paint?

That was the beginning of my next 53 years painting with every medium I could find! WOW! Has things changed since then. Now when I “paint” I have a Corel 11 painting program on my computer that I use to paint digital art... (This next sentence is important)
Most of you use and easel, brush and paint--- I need for to you to know that I create my art using a tablet and a stylus pen on the computer, I still paint just like I would if I was using a canvas, brush and an easel. Nothing else is different! The computer is just a tool that I use to do my art work, and the work is much easier for me do, LOL.

I get bored very easily and I have wide variety of subjects…Mostly I paint still life, landscapes, cityscapes, animals, birds and some abstracts, I use a lot of paint and I do love to do abstracts.
Every artist starts sometime and I hope through my blog we will search out answers to some expert tips, videos and tutorials to help us along the way
I have links that may help you if you are interested in drawing or create art, please COMMENT on this blog and tell me your story…add your 2 cents worth, (:>) If I can answer questions I will do my best to answer. : >0).

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Thank you and I will see you again soon!

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