Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Sold My First Painting

 Pink Roses with Hat                             How I sold my first painting.
 My husband was being transferred to a new job in another state, so this meant that we had to make some changes in our life immediately.  We loved our home but that also meant that we had to sell it. WOW! Really right now!

We were very fortunate that we knew a couple that wanted to buy it and when they came over to inspect it they brought a lady friend with them.  

I knew that they would buy the house; but what surprised me was that they wanted to buy some of my paintings and leave them on the walls.  She wanted four of my paintings and I had a large underwater fish painting that he wanted.

I had a canvas set up on my stand up easel and I was painting a rooster, and the lady friend wanted to buy my rooster painting!  Well, I didn’t think that I was quite finished with it but she said, that she wanted it just the way it was.  

For years I have hung my paintings on my walls, tucking them under the bed, put them in the attic and filled my families walls up with my work, but had never thought much about selling my paintings until then.

After we were settled in our new environment I started exhibiting my paintings in art shows, fairs, a church and other places. I have several Blue Ribbons… and have art collectors of my painting in fifteen states.

I no longer paint traditionally, like I did when I painted on a canvas and easel with brushes and tubes of paint and created original paintings... I now paint digitally on Corel 11 painter program and I sell my art prints works on my website at:

I don’t have very many original paintings left but I do still have paintings on my walls.  I have given most of my paintings to my daughters and grand daughters.  I ask them to choose which painting that they liked best and their name is written on the back of each one. 

However, I have chosen one of the original paintings that I gave to one of my grand daughter to sell on my website. One of my grand daughters is having a hard time supporting the members of her family, five adults with out jobs, two children and the mother; however the mother, my daughter is disabled but contributes her share.

So I have chosen to sell the original painting, “Pink Roses with Hat” with out telling my granddaughter that I have put one of the original paintings up for sale on my website. When the painting sells I will give her the money to use as she see fit…She will always have a print of the painting.  When my home sold my friends that bought our house also paid me by check for the paintings. So that is how I sold my first paintings and started me on an art career that has not stopped!!!

I sell my art prints works on my website at:

Thank you and I will see you again soon!

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