Friday, July 19, 2013

Prince Peacock Bird Fine Art Print

Hello from Virginia! I hope where ever you live you are having a great time today.  Still very hot temperatures today.

 Several years ago I lived in Winter Park Florida, and as I drove into town I would pass this Peacock ranch where these beautiful Peacock birds proudly display their gorgeous tails.  I often thought about how I could paint the beautiful designs in their tails and accomplish all of these amazing colors. Well one day I decided that I could probably at least make an impression of a Peacock. So this is how I painted my Prince Peacock bird.  I hope you like my art work.

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Interview: feature about the Artist Dessie H Durham, written by Heather McBroom:

Interview:  feature about Dessie H. Durham: Written by Artist Zeana Romanovna from Fine Arts America for featuring  me in my website here:

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Art tips: Gesture drawing
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 Dessie Durham ~Artist



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