Friday, May 10, 2013

Black and White Abstract

Hello!  It is a beautiful sun shiny day here in Virginia and I hope your life is moving along smoothly…

I have an Abstract Fine Art Print that was designed in a black and white motif that I am going to publish today. This print is 16 X 20 inches.

In fact I have two of these prints with similar designs and the two hung  together on your wall would make a striking edition to your home décor.

 These prints may be purchased in different sizes. Smaller or larger.

This might be a fun website for you to explore: Purple Daisy Jewelry Here you will find a large collection of vintage jewelry selected with you in mind, including eclectic selection of vintage jewelry, including Victorian, Edwardian, deco, nouveau, retro, mid-century, on thru the seventies and eighties.

Artist: Do you want to know more about the canvases that you paint on? Click here:

If you are just starting to draw or create art, or are a professional artist or collect art , please COMMENT on this blog and tell me your story…add your 2 cents worth, if you have a question I will do my best to answer.

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I will see you again soon,

Dessie Durham ~Artist

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