Friday, May 3, 2013

Egg Plant

Hello from Virginia!

This morning when I stepped outside to check the weather it was just cool enough that I needed to wear a light sweater.  I thought, this is a great time to start thinking about planting a garden.
We have a small place to plant a garden and last year we grew some Egg Plants so I painted one of the Egg Plants that grew in our garden last summer.

I  have published a painting of the Egg Plant, I hope you enjoy the painting. I don't sell the Original painting but I do sell fine art prints made from the original piece of art.

My art work carries a 30 day guarantee so if you are not happy with it you can return it and no questions will be asked...minus the shipping fee, unless there should be a defect in the printing then there would not be shipping charges. But as yet I have never had a return!

This might be a fun site for you to explore:
Do you love pussy-cats? Kala Rae turned creativity into Ratz-4-Katz catnip toys for finicky kitties, and she also makes lovely MaineMaiden dolls, unique, hand-crafted soft-sculpture country art.
Her shop name is KRae-ZCrafts.
 Her Etsy URL is:
This may be some Information that you might enjoy!

If you are just starting to draw or create art, or are a professional artist or collect art , please COMMENT on this blog and tell me your story…add your 2 cents worth, if you have a question I will do my best to answer.

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I will see you again soon,

Dessie Durham ~Artist


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